Brewery Run XVII: Church to Church

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From Jesus, the Trappists and the monks of Buckfast Abbey, there’s always been a close connection between booze and the Christian faith. This lives on today as we run church to church across North London! We’ll meet at the Primrose Hill Market where St Mary’s Brewery has a stall, just across the road from the Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin basement that they brew in. From there we join the Regents Canal and head eastwards, stopping off at Hammerton Brewery (4.8 km / 3 mi) and the Signature Brew Taproom (3.5 km / 2.2 mi), finishing up at the Hackney Church Brewery (2.5 km / 1.6 mi), named after the nearby St John’s at Hackney church.

Brewery Run XVI – Brexit? Edition

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For this vaguely EU / Brexit themed edition we’ll set off from Deptford at the SE8 taproom of Hop Stuff Brewery, following the arches as close as we can up to the start of the Bermondsey Brewery Mile to our first stop at Spartan Brewery (3.3 km / 2.1 mi). From there we head over to Mercato Metropolitano in Elephant and Castle, where German Kraft Beer (“Meisters of Purity”) are based (3.2 km / 2.0 mi). After which it’s just a short but likely harrowing dash across Blackfriars Bridge to finish up at Temple Brew House, the home of Essex Street Brewery, London’s most central brewery (2.5 km / 1.6 mi).

Post run note: Brexit did not happen that weekend.

Brewery Run XV: So South

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We’re right back into it for 2019, with the first run scheduled for the 26th of January. We’ll meet at the new London spot for top rated Manchester brewery Cloudwater, inevitably located on the Bermondsey beer mile. It will be the first in a string of three new-to-PissFit breweries, as we head south making our second stop at the Orbit Beers taproom off Walworth Rd (3.2 km / 1.9 mi). We then skirt around Brixton, pausing at Bullfinch Brewery at the bottom of Brockwell Park (4.9 km / 3.0 mi), before finally finishing up at Gipsy Hill Brewing’s massive (and hopefully warm) tap room (2.5 km / 1.5 mi). For the poor souls participating in dry January, do remember you’re not required to drink, additionally some of the breweries will be offering some “small beer” (<3%) if you’d like to cheat a little. See you all there!

Post Run Note: Of course, Orbit was closed for the Winter so we had to make a detour through Burgess Park and down the Surrey Linear Canal Park to Gosnell’s, which was open for once.

Brewery Run XIV: Regent’s Canal

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For the last Pissfit of the year we’re back in familiar territory, following the canal from Hackney Wick into King’s Cross, stopping by friends new and old along the way. We start at the Beer Merchant’s Tap, home of “London’s first dedicated sour beer blendery”, a delicious sign that we may have hit peak sour in 2018. From there we head west along the canal, following the edge of Victoria Park briefly before deviating slightly towards Three Sod’s Brewery in Bethnal Green (2.7 mi / 4.3 km). It’s then back up to the canal heading into Angel, to The Alma, a personal favourite run by the One Mile End mob (2.7 mi / 4.3 km again), before heading through Islington into the back end of King’s Cross where we can settle in at Two Tribes (1.7 mi / 2.7 km).

Post Run Note: While The Three Sods is available at the Worker’s Arms, the pub is only open after 6pm. As we were running in the afternoon, we popped around to The Sebright Arms instead. Always double check the opening hours!

Brewery Run XIII: South to North

Meet at 1pm Saturday, 1st September 2018

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For our Autumn 2018 edition we’re going from South to North a total of 8.5km / 5.2mi, starting at Moor Vaults, newcomer to the Bermondsey Beer Mile (although brewing for many years now in Bristol). From there we dodge tourists while crossing Tower Bridge on our way to The White Hart Brewpub, ancestral home to One Mile End who used to brew in the basement. We then take in a few short hops – stopping at Old Street Brewery and then Forest Road Brewing Co.. Finally we dodge hipsters as we run through London Fields towards Hackney Central, where we finish at The Experiment, a new exciting collaboration between PissFit favourite Pressure Drop and Cornish brewer Verdent Brewing Co..

Post Run Note: We got a little lost around Wapping, but all managed to rendezvous at the White Hart all the same. Try to consult the route as you run!

Brewery Run XII: North London Summers

Get ready – for our summer run it’s going to be a long one. We start at Canopy Market, where Big Hug Brewing has a stall. From there we frolic through the fountains in Granary Square before skipping up York Way to Two Tribes Brewing, a new brewery / bar / club night venue behind Kings Cross. Then it’s off on our first longer leg, heading up towards the Stroud Green Road branch of Clapton Craft, pausing for can before heading through Finsbury Park and up the New River to the Prince in Wood Green, which is home to House Brewery. Finally we make our way to our inevitable destination, Beavertown. With the megabucks of Heineken on it’s way who knows what it’ll become, but for now it remains the perfect place to put your feet up in the sun.

Post run note: During the summer Canopy Market comes out from under the canopy and line King’s Boulevard. Also it’s not possible to drink in Clapton Craft itself, but it’s only a short walk to Finsbury Park where one can enjoy a can with a view of the duck pond.

Brewery Run XI: Deep South

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For this edition we head further south than ever before – still within the M25 mind you – starting at Gipsy Hill Brewing Company’s Taproom in an industrial estate (of course) in Gipsy Hill. We then run a fairly straight shot 2.9km up to the railway arches by Brockwell Park, where Canopy Beer Co is based. 3.2km later, we’ll arrive at London’s (and our) first meadery, Gosnell’s, to taste what is possibly the oldest form of alcohol, fermented from honey! We then head due east 3.6km quickly stopping at old favourite Brockley Brewery (see PissFit VI), before heading up towards the Thames 2.3km finally ending at Villages Brewery in Deptford.

Post Run Note: As usual, one of the breweries was closed when we arrived – unfortunately for us it was Gosnell’s, which was renovating their taproom (reopening 19th May). Happily for us, old favourite Brick Brewery was open, who’ve recently completed their own renovation themselves.



Brewery Run X: North by North East

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Starting in Stratford at the Five Points tap Mason & Company, to Signature Brew in Leyton before crossing the Lea to Brew Club in Clapton.  We then head up the Lea for a quick pit stop at Five Miles before finishing at Pressure Drop‘s new premises on the same estate as Beavertown (where we may just pop in to afterwards!)

Post Run Note: Signature wasn’t open when we did this run (I’d taken my own advice and checked beforehand!) so we didn’t do the exact route above, rather we followed the Lea all the way up to Tottenham. Lovely evening for it!