Brewery Run VII: Load of Hay to 40 ft

Route Map Link

The 2017 Spring edition of Pissfit takes us back to North London on Sat the 29th of April, visiting an all new (to Pissfit) set of breweries and brew pubs. We’ll start in Belsize Park at the Load of Hay Tavern, who brew their own ales in house. We’ll then head to Hammerton Brewery in Islington (3.7km), open only on the last weekend of each month, waving to old favourite/now corporate sellout Camden Town Brewery along the way. From there it’s a quick jaunt via the New River to the Hops and Glory (2.7km) to try their basement brewed pale ale, before finally ending up at the 40 ft brewery (1.2km) in Dalston.

Post Run Note: We had particularly bad luck on this run, with the two brew pubs not having any of their own beer on tap and 40ft not actually being open until the evening. If in doubt, always call ahead!

Also, Load of Hay Tavern is now closed – you may wish to start from Camden Town Brewery instead.