Brewery Run XII: North London Summers

Get ready – for our summer run it’s going to be a long one. We start at Canopy Market, where Big Hug Brewing has a stall. From there we frolic through the fountains in Granary Square before skipping up York Way to Two Tribes Brewing, a new brewery / bar / club night venue behind Kings Cross. Then it’s off on our first longer leg, heading up towards the Stroud Green Road branch of Clapton Craft, pausing for can before heading through Finsbury Park and up the New River to the Prince in Wood Green, which is home to House Brewery. Finally we make our way to our inevitable destination, Beavertown. With the megabucks of Heineken on it’s way who knows what it’ll become, but for now it remains the perfect place to put your feet up in the sun.

Post run note: During the summer Canopy Market comes out from under the canopy and line King’s Boulevard. Also it’s not possible to drink in Clapton Craft itself, but it’s only a short walk to Finsbury Park where one can enjoy a can with a view of the duck pond.

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