Brewery Run XIII: South to North

Meet at 1pm Saturday, 1st September 2018

Route Map Link

For our Autumn 2018 edition we’re going from South to North a total of 8.5km / 5.2mi, starting at Moor Vaults, newcomer to the Bermondsey Beer Mile (although brewing for many years now in Bristol). From there we dodge tourists while crossing Tower Bridge on our way to The White Hart Brewpub, ancestral home to One Mile End who used to brew in the basement. We then take in a few short hops – stopping at Old Street Brewery and then Forest Road Brewing Co.. Finally we dodge hipsters as we run through London Fields towards Hackney Central, where we finish at The Experiment, a new exciting collaboration between PissFit favourite Pressure Drop and Cornish brewer Verdent Brewing Co..

Post Run Note: We got a little lost around Wapping, but all managed to rendezvous at the White Hart all the same. Try to consult the route as you run!