Brewery Run IX: Return to the South, Farewell to Inaugural Members

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For our ninth PissFit outing we’re going back down south to take in the delights of a couple new (to Pissfit) breweries. We start in Wandsworth at the Belleville Brewing Co, founded by ten (!) dads. We then jog through Wandsworth Common up to Sambrooks (3.1 km / 1.9 mi), the establishment of which in 2008 signalled the early ferment of the current renaissance in London brewing. We then follow the Thames, cutting across Battersea park to Mondo Brewing Co (4.4 km / 2.8 mi), before dashing through Stockwell and finally ending at Beer Lab in Brixton (2.8 km / 1.8 mi).

Post Run Note: At this run we said goodbye to two inaugural members – we very much look forward to new PissFit chapters in Brisbane and Canberra soon!

Brewery Run VIII: Tottenham is the new Bermondsey

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Tottenham is the new Bermondsey – a number of new breweries have recently opened up in the shadow of Beavertown, which means we can now do a full run in the area rather than just passing through. We’ll start at brewery-in-a-container outfit Affinity Brew Co, heading for a quick pit stop at Brewheadz on our way to the recently relocated One Mile End Brewery. Then from there we’ll run down the Lea River to Pissfit favourite Beavertown where we can hopefully soak up some sun / IPA in their massive beer garden / car park.

Please note that while it’s a short 4.2 mile / 6.7 km each leg is increasing in distance so one may want to pace themselves. Also there’s bound to be some wrong turns 😉

Post Run Note: Affinity has now moved to the Bermondsey Beer Mile. Five Miles, the craft beer bar / club at the same place as their previous location is a fine substitute starting point.

We also never got to drink at One Mile End, as they were closed the day we showed up. Another reminder to phone ahead 🙂

Brewery Run VII: Load of Hay to 40 ft

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The 2017 Spring edition of Pissfit takes us back to North London on Sat the 29th of April, visiting an all new (to Pissfit) set of breweries and brew pubs. We’ll start in Belsize Park at the Load of Hay Tavern, who brew their own ales in house. We’ll then head to Hammerton Brewery in Islington (3.7km), open only on the last weekend of each month, waving to old favourite/now corporate sellout Camden Town Brewery along the way. From there it’s a quick jaunt via the New River to the Hops and Glory (2.7km) to try their basement brewed pale ale, before finally ending up at the 40 ft brewery (1.2km) in Dalston.

Post Run Note: We had particularly bad luck on this run, with the two brew pubs not having any of their own beer on tap and 40ft not actually being open until the evening. If in doubt, always call ahead!

Also, Load of Hay Tavern is now closed – you may wish to start from Camden Town Brewery instead.


PissFit Xmas: Pedibus City & Thames

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For our Christmas event we decided a non-running based fitness activity would be appropriate. This surely led us to the Pedibus, a pedal & booze powered mode of transport. We took the “London Bridge & Thames” route (no longer available), heading over London Bridge and taking in St Pauls Cathedral before a pit-stop at Ye Olde London, before heading past the Bank of England on our way to the Hung Drawn and Quartered, before heading back over London Bridge to end the ride.


Brewery Run V: Tap East to London Brewer’s Market

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We’ve got a relatively gentle 8km run planned for the Summer edition, taking in most of the brewery taps in East London before ending at the conveniently timed London Brewers Market in Spitalfields.
We start this one at 12pm on the dot at the microbrewery/pub Tap East in Stratford, deep in the Westfield shopping labyrinth. From there it’s a quick traipse through Olympic Park to old favourite Howling Hops, before dodgy all the picnickers in Victoria Park on our way to London Fields Brewery Tap. Once refreshed it’s a short jog down to Redchurch Brewery before finally ending up at the London Brewer’s Market in Old Spitalfields Market, where we’ll be able to check out beer from 26 independent brewers from around the city. Should be a great spot to end the run 🙂

Brewery Run IV: Wild Card to Crate

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For our spring edition it’s going to be a gentle 11.5km/7.1mi through East London, visiting a couple of the breweries we’ve been to before while taking in the sights of the bucolic River Lea. First we’ll get an early start in the ‘stow, taking in some fine cask ales at Wild Card Brewery. After a quick visit to the illuminations at God’s Own Junkyard we’ll then set off towards Tottenham to Beavertown before a gentle jog down the River Lea, breaking at the Princess of Wales but before ending at Crate Brewery and Howling Hops in Hackney Wick.


Brewery Run III: South London

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This time we go to south London, from the Old Brewery (Meantime‘s original brewery – yeah, yeah they’re owned by SAB Miller who also own other great brands such as Fosters, Tyskie et al), to Brockley Brewery, Brick Brewery in Peckham before finishing at Brixton Brewery. As a bonus, we’ll also take in the delights of Greenwich park, the Hilly Fields stone circle, and Nunhead Cemetary (one of London’s “Magnificent Seven”)!

Post Run Note: If you take the route above you don’t actually see Nunhead Cemetary at all. One would probably have to run up the western side instead.


Brewery Run II: North London

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Starting at Beavertown Brewery and heading over to Camden Town Brewery, stopping by a couple of brewery pubs along the way! All up it’s about 14km – an initial push of about 6 km, followed by conveniently shorter and shorter breaks.

Post Run Note: We originally visited Hopsmiths, of the Late Knights Brewery which has sadly since folded. The pub on that site, Brave Sir Robin, still looks a good place to stop on your way to Camden.

Also, the route is very steeply uphill to The Bull, followed by an equally steep downhill, do be careful.